Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hyderabad se gayi Sheopur. Sheopur se gayi Punjab. Punjab se gayi Araku. Araku se gayi Nagaland....

Well...this is not actress Juhi Chawla crooning a Bollywood song :-) These are locations, which the Freedom of Expression project travelled over the past 45 days training men and women, children and youth to take pictures.

Though we finished training - which is the crux of the project - we ain't stopping here and heaving a sigh of relief.

The teams - both photography and video crew - are going the whole hog - with the photography team sorting out pictures and preparing for the coffee table book, the filmmaker is busy editing the video footage.

In the following posts, you'll find interesting snippets from all the five locations, participants views and more. Do come back to read a new label - Behind the scenes - which will up on the blog shortly.

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