Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sir, your photography is improving. Thanks to me:-D

That's what 16-year-old Grace swears by, who believes in practice-makes-make-man-perfect and teaching-is-a-learning-experience adage. The youngest F.O.E participant in Nagaland, Grace was an all-time favourite and would cheer up the team with her wit and humour. So much so that, once she actually went to her tutor and quipped: "Sir, you must thank me. Your photography is actually improving as you teach me!!!!"

Her father passed away last year and since then her mother has been struggling to make ends meet and save the family of 5 from penury. Whatever little she earns from the pan shop and by selling used clothes is just enough for their survival. And this is where our Freedom of Expression project steps in by - showing them a means of livelihood, empowering people with an inherent skill and thereby boost confidence.

Photograph by: Grace N-Ovung
Location: Kohima, Nagaland
Date: 06 July, 2008

"Before I came to the workshop, I thought that my life was really miserable. But after visiting villages to take pictures, I realise that there are people whose lives are worse than mine. I will take up a part time job and buy a digital camera.”

Throughout the workshop, Grace's favourite subject was to shoot old men and women. "I'd like to shoot their wrinkled faces and wizened hands. With the zoom lens, i can see them with much clarity."


Mindy said...

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rahul said...

really awesome project..keep it up!!