Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hide and seek....

Date: 2nd June, 2008
Place: Sheopur Fort, 3kms away from Sheopur city.

We all had descended on to the desolated Fort early in the morning with re-charged batteries and cameras ready. And yes! With turbo-charged spirits in tow :-D

Silently, we all settled down whereever we can. Few of us on trees, others on dilapidated structures and few others on the ground. With cameras in ready-mode we waited with bated breath for the subjects to come and pictures and stories we could share.

In the meantime, we shot the ruins of the fort. Later we quickly adjusted the focus of our cameras and waited patiently for some more time.

The excitement changed to hope and lasted for 15 minutes until somebody from behind blurted out: Ohhh yaaaaaarr! We forgot to tell the monkeys to be here today!!!! :-(((((

[Thoughts of Punam Sharma, Std V, Government Primary School, Lachoda, Sheopur block as told to the blog writer]

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