Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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Morning: Yawn. Brush. Sweep. Wash - utensils, self, clothes. Tea. Cook. Eat.
Afternoon: Fill water. Walk. Fields. Tractor. Buffaloes. Seeds. Fertilizers. Manure. Plants. Crops.
Evening: Walk. Home. Sweep. Wash - self, utensils, clothes. Tea. Cook. Make bed.

Such was the routine for the 45-year-old Surinder Kaur, resident of Khot Bhai village, Gidderbaha Tehsil. Home. Children. Work...were the only elements for Kaur, who got married at a ripe age of 17 but unfortunately became a widow at 25. Racing against time and hope, it was a challenge to raise her children all by herself. Though they all are married and settled now, life is still very much the same for Surinder. Home. Fields. Work.

But, it was the Freedom of Expression project that brought back her yesteryears of fun and frolic. "Often, I felt I was getting old. I forgot how one can be cheerful. But its when I held the camera, i felt as though i was a 20-something bloke with full of life. F.O.E. redefined how one can be happy despite all the pressures and challenges one has to face. I will carry forward this spirit for the rest of my life."

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Nihilist said...

Brilliant job. Opening up new worlds.