Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy days!!!

Does time fly when you're having fun with the camera? If not, you have an about-to-retire camera. Or you do not know its operations exactly. Or hate photography (watta readin' on this blog anyway?!)

The last 6 days (since this very blog and the project got kicked off) seem like the shortest in our life. Rather, we'd say, time flies like a piece of fruit! Yup!! More so, if you are a child seeing, holding and experimenting with the camera for the first time in life.

After having plenty of fun, laughter and learnings, it was time for the 16 children attending the Freedom of Expression programme in Hyderabad to bid adieu. Here's what they had to share at the end of the 6-day workshop.

M Vineetha, Std V: "I ate, drank and slept photography all 6 days. Will you teach us next summer too?"

U Gopinath, Std V: "I want to be a photographer. I know, I am going to be one."

B Venkatramana, Std V: "It was so thrilling to hold the camera and click pictures. This is the best time I ever had in my life."

Arshad, Std V: "I want to make films when I grow up."

Bhavani, Std V: "I never thought of taking so many pictures. Or holding the camera. I visited places that i never heard of."

Little wonder, it's a great learning indeed.


Anonymous said...

Interesting project. Working with children or for that matter with the community is quite a challenge. Good initiative.


Anonymous said...

The blog is really a wonderful and an elegant effort. I would request you to be bit more careful about the spellings as there are a couple of few.

Thanking you

Bibind V

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly a very good project wherein it helps children to come out of their inner shell and see the wonders of Incredible India through Naandi.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys had a quick look at the website………. Great Job !


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. It'd be interesting to see more pictures shot by children.


Saurabh said...

Love the blog, and thanks so much for coming to ISB, I think ISB students had greater learning from the experience :)

Really looking forward to your next visit to ISB campus.

Saurabh Kapur
ISB Class of 2009