Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just born!

Yay!! We are just born. Both the blog and the project. We believe in photography. Totally. Whoever said, life is not worth living unless there's a camera around... well we don't deny that *gee* All of you who were either photographed or clicked a few pictures - if you liked them is a different matter altogether - know that photography is great fun. Yet, a powerful medium.

Freedom of Expression - a first-of-its-kind project initiated by Naandi - is a blissful marriage of both fun and funda. We are empowering underprivileged children, rural men and women across 5 locations in 4 states to express their hopes and aspirations, share glimpses of their lives and times through this alternative approach.

In the subsequent posts, you'll find loads of interesting experiences from the participants - who rarely had an opportunity to be photographed and who'd seldom clicked pictures so far in their lives.

Our current mood quotient: Excited!
So wait to hear more from us.
Until then...have fun.

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