Sunday, May 25, 2008

Through an artistic third eye...

Photographer: K Padmaja
Class: Std V
Location: Church, West Marredpally

See the picture. What comes to your mind first? Ok. Hang on. Before you think and transform your thoughts into words, we will share with you thoughts and words that sprung from the photographer's brain and jumped onto this blog *gee*

For Padmaja, this image is an intersection of two objects where the tree with full of life is calling out the lifeless building to enjoy the seasons of the sun. "They also seem to be close friends and enjoy rain and sunshine equally every year. Being there. Together. All the time," she says.

Come to think of it. Just an 11-year-old but so much interpretation per frame!!! We wonder, if Padmaja's inherent thoughts and intrepretations are nurtured by the workshop or if the workshop is allowing wonder kids to look through an artistic third eye.
Guess, there's an intersection. *Sigh*

Now, back to what you think. Let's not dabble about technicalities here. And if you have better words to explain the image, do leave it in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

My school of thought: It's a unique picture that shows sunlight and darkness in one frame. Greatly captured.